Body Treatments
Dead Sea Salt Polish

A mixture of scented oils and Dead Sea Salts are applied to the body leaving you smooth and glowing.

25-minute or 50-minute

Back Facial

This facial is designed to reach that unreachable area. Your back will feel as good as new after being cleansed, exfoliated and masqued.  25-minute service

Full  Body  Dry  Brushing

The action of dry brushing is wonderful for exfoliating dry skin and helping to detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow and drainage. A light body lotion or oil application will follow to re-hydrate the skin, leaving your body soft and smooth.  25-minute service


Our express facial includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, steam, masque and moisturizer to brighten the complexion leaving your skin recharged, balanced and fresh.  25-minute service


This herbal treatment is created to decongest and purify stagnant skin. The perfect herbal combinations work together to soften skin tone and restore your natural glow.  50-minute service


A skin toning facial tailored to the specific needs of men. The Gentlemen’s Facial includes a deep cleansing masque to purify the skin and draw out impurities while infusing the complexion with restorative Vitamin C.

25-minute or 50-minute


Using long strokes and kneading techniques, this classic form of full body massage uses mild to moderate pressure.

50-minute or 80-minute

Hands And Feet

Concentrate on relaxing the most exhausted parts of your body.  25-minute service


Good for those who don’t have time for the full 50 minute massage, this massage concentrates on the areas that need it the most.  25-minute service