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Building Possibilities with Purpose.

A true multi-use development, Grandover is a thriving community where families live, work, and enjoy the true sense of belonging. A development with friendly neighborhoods, a variety of retail destinations, incredible hotel resort and inspiring places to work. Whether your a company looking to relocate, or a family interested in moving, Grandover gives you endless possibilities to be a part of a Grand community.


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Discover shopping, dining, food options and amenity uses at the Grandover Village Shopping Center including the city’s first Publix grocery store and 40,000 square feet of additional food, dining and retail options.  Plans for additional shopping, dining and entertainment options are underway for phase III of Grandover Village to further activate the Grandover community. 


Enjoy dining options at the Grandover Resort to include fine dining at DiValletta Restaurant, casual dining at the Café Expresso, and entertainment options at 1808 Bar and 19 & Timber Bar. 

Also enjoy great food and drink options at Grandover Village with Publix and Chick Fil A.


If you are young and looking forward to those wonderful school days, there are multiple options for you.  Guilford County School systems offers traditional school settings, magnet schools and there are multiple North Carolina charter schools.  There are many private schools that are conveniently located near Grandover.

If you are “young” at heart but looking for a higher educational opportunity there are many options for you.  Guilford Technical Community College, High Point University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Guilford College, A&T University, Greensboro College, Bennett College and Wake Forest.

Guilford Technical Community College
High Point University
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Guildford College
A&T University
Greensboro College
Bennett College
Wake Forest University