For the Artist

A Celebration of
North Carolina Artists

The mission of The Gallery at Grandover is to showcase North Carolina artisans. Our state is rich and deep in the arts and we are driven to present them to you in many forms. The artwork on our walls comprises original paintings using oil, acrylic, pastels, and watercolor and embraces styles of abstract, mixed media, and realism. Pottery is rooted in our North Carolina heritage. Some have passed down this talent from generation to generation, while others have the passion of creating pieces that can be breathtaking and functional. We selectively choose from established and emerging artists which will fit our Gallery standards of originality, professionalism and dedication to their work. 

The second part of our Mission at The Gallery at Grandover is to help our customers collect fine art from North Carolina by introducing them to the world of art and our selection of artists. We aim to present each piece of art with complete stories of inspiration and the actual makeup of the art. We talk about each individual artist and how they created themselves. It is all wrapped up in a story!

For information on purchasing art from The Gallery at Grandover, please contact The Gallery Manager, Pam Sink.

Mary Timmer

Contemporary classic designs have been at the heart of Mary Timmer’s jewelry since she began metal smithing in 1996. With a focus on Jewelry as Art, Mary’s work combines artistic designs with technical skill. Using sterling with gold accents for the basis of most production pieces, she adds the beautiful luster of pearls and the shimmer of precious stones to achieve a look of simple elegance. Classic designs that stay in style. Presently, her studio is located in downtown Weaverville, NC. She delights in the personal opportunity to see her jewelry appreciated and enjoyed by her customers.

Brackish Bowties

To reflect the natural beauty of the South, but elevate it with impeccable intricacy, Ben Ross handcrafted turkey feather bow ties for his wedding party in 2007. That gesture begot admiration and inspiration that became Brackish only a few years later.  Today Ben and one of those groomsmen, Jeff Plotner, have an operation that honors artisan techniques, distinctive style and the spirit of the South.   All handcrafted locally in Charleston, South Carolina by a team of artisans and production assistants. Every single feather is hand selected, no two are alike. Every piece is a sustainable work of art.